Our lab's participants range from professors with dozens of years of experience to high school students. This diversity in background and experience enables us to address real-world problems using fresh perspectives.



PhD. Students

Other Students

  • Aditya Sirish
    Master's student
    Research Interests Internet privacy, systems security
  • Ashish Das
    Master's student
    Research Interests Applied cryptography, secure systems
  • Priyanka Mahesh
    Master's student
    Research Interests Telematics security, applied cryptography
  • Yash Shah
    Master's student
    Research Interests Vulnerabilities, incident and event management
    Projects Lind
  • Cindy Kim
    Undergraduate student
    Research Interests Systems security, privacy, and social networks
  • Kristel Fung
    Undergraduate student
    Research Interests Cybersecurity, cryptography, software development
    Projects in-toto
  • Henry Zhou
    Undergraduate Student
    Research Interests Game engineering and design, digital media, philosophy and ethics of technology
    Publications MSR 2018

Visiting Scholars

  • Sumana Harihareswara
    Visiting scholar contracted with Python Software Foundation   - website
    Research Interests Open source software maintainership, release management, Python dependency management, packaging and distribution
    Software/System Deployments Project manager for pip, previously for the Python Package Index (PyPI) (LWN coverage).