Our lab's participants range from professors with dozens of years of experience to high school students. This diversity in background and experience enables us to address real-world problems using fresh perspectives.



PhD. Students

  • Preston Kent Moore
    Ph.D. Candidate (co-advised with Phyllis Frankl)
    Research Interests Secure software engineering, automated testing, systems security
    Publications ISSRE 2019
  • Marina Moore
    Ph.D. Candidate
    Research Interests Systems security, privacy
  • Nick Renner
    Ph.D. Candidate (co-advised by Brendan Dolan-Gavitt)   - website
    Research Interests Systems security, operating systems, Internet of Things
    Projects Lind
  • Aditya Sirish
    Ph.D. Candidate   - website
    Research Interests Internet privacy, systems security
    Projects in-toto
  • Ritik Roongta
    Ph.D. student
    Research Interests Network and system Security
  • Jack Cook
    Ph.D. student
    Research Interests Systems security, distributed computing, and software development
    Projects CacheCash
    Software/System Deployments Lead developer for EDURange, an NSF-funded project that offers interactive, collaborative cybersecurity exercises, as well as a framework for creating such exercises.

Other Students

  • Staford Titus
    Master's student
    Research Interests Malware analysis & reverse engineering, Automobile security, IOT security
    Projects Uptane
    Publications Cyber Defense Magazine and Cybrary
  • Jonathan Singer
    Undergraduate student
    Research Interests Systems security, network security, POSIX kernels
    Projects Lind
  • Cindy Kim
    Undergraduate student
    Research Interests Systems security, privacy, and social networks
  • Kristel Fung
    Undergraduate student
    Research Interests Cybersecurity, cryptography, software development
    Projects in-toto
  • Yuanrui Chen
    Undergraduate student
    Research Interests Network security, software security, and software development
    Projects in-toto
  • Isha Vipul Dave
    Undergraduate student
    Research Interests Cybersecurity and game design and development
    Projects in-toto
  • Kaitlyn Liu
    Undergraduate student
    Research Interests Systems security and computer vision
    Projects Lind
  • Benjamin Wu
    Undergraduate student
    Research Interests Financial technology, cybersecurity, cryptography
    Projects in-toto
  • Caglar Dogan
    Undergraduate student
    Research Interests Theory of computation, cryptography, systems security
    Projects Lind
  • Ge Yang
    Undergraduate student
    Research Interests Security and privacy
    Projects CacheCash
  • Almazhan Kapan
    Undergraduate student
    Research Interests Privacy, systems security, software development
  • Hugo Yin
    Undergraduate student
    Research Interests Automated tests, software development
  • Pinhan Zhao
    Research Interests Cybersecurity, privacy, software development, computer networks
    Publications Netdev 0x15

Visiting Scholars

  • Sumana Harihareswara
    Visiting scholar contracted with Python Software Foundation   - website
    Research Interests Open source software maintainership, release management, Python dependency management, packaging and distribution
    Software/System Deployments Project manager for pip, previously for the Python Package Index (PyPI) (LWN coverage).