Our lab's participants range from professors with dozens of years of experience to high school students. This diversity in background and experience enables us to address real-world problems using fresh perspectives.



PhD. Students

  • Trishank Kuppusamy
    Fifth year Ph.D. Candidate
    Research Interests Securing software updates for community repositories and automobiles
    Projects The Update Framework (TUF), TUF extensions (Diplomat, Mercury), Uptane, and upPIR
    Publications USENIX ATC 2017, ;login 2017, , escar 2016, NSDI 2016, GLOBECOM 2015, and ISBA 2015
    Software/System Deployments Led specification of Uptane. Worked on TUF, now used in Docker, Flynn, and LEAP. Standardized TUF for Python with PEPs 458 and 480. Involved with integrations of TUF for Ruby, CoreOS, Haskell, and OCaml.
  • Yiwen Li
    Third year Ph.D. Candidate   - website
    Research Interests Operating system security, virtualization, network security
    Projects Lind and Caging
    Publications USENIX ATC 2017, NENS 2014 (poster), and CATT 2014 (poster)
  • Santiago Torres-Arias
    Second year Ph.D. Candidate   - website
    Research Interests Password protection and securing the software supply chain
    Software/System Deployments Security fixes related to tag attacks used in git. PPH libraries in 8 languages, support for different OSes, Yubikey support, and PAM. PPH deployments in the Seattle Clearinghouse and BioBank.
  • Dan Gopstein
    Ph.D. Student (co-advised with Andy Nealen)
    Research Interests Programming languages and software systems
    Publications FSE 2017 and SIGGRAPH Asia 2015
    Software/System Deployments DeepEnumerable Ruby package for the declarative manipulation of deeply nested data structures; clust.bin.pair R package containing statistical tests for clustered binary matched pair data.
  • Ghada Almashaqbeh
    Second Year Ph.D. Student (co-advised with Allison Bishop Lewko and Tal Malkin)   - website
    Research Interests Cryptography, security, distributed computing
    Projects CacheCash
  • Preston Kent Moore
    Second year Ph.D. Student (co-advised with Phyllis Frankl)
    Research Interests Secure software engineering, automated testing, systems security
    Projects CrashSimulator
  • Devon Powell
    First year Ph.D. Student (co-advised with Phyllis Frankl)   - website
    Research Interests Computer security, software engineering
  • Rad Akefirad
    Ph.D. Student
    Research Interests Software engineering, secure software design and development, distributed systems, microservices
    Projects API Blindspots

Other Students

  • Yu Hu
    Ph.D. Student (advised by Brendan Dolan-Gavitt)
    Research Interests Side channel attacks, symbolic execution, mobile sensor application
  • Rohan Ketan Bhirangi
    Master's Student
    Research Interests Distributed systems, wireless sensor networks, Internet of Things, cloud infrastructure/computing, machine learning
    Publications IJERT 2016
    Software/System Deployments Worked on sensor calibration and unit testing framework for Sensibility Testbed. Developed a Python script which replicates Seash functionality to automate the Sensibility-Seash process.
  • Ajay Shenoy
    Master's Student
    Research Interests Addressing security flaws within cloud computing bases; Testing functionality for bugs
    Projects Seattle and Totally Secure
    Software/System Deployments Designed Totolly Secure; Contributed code to a porting strace, and trigonometric functions to `math.r2py,” both in Seattle
  • Deepankar Jaisia
    Master's Student
    Research Interests Protecting privacy in personal communications, expanding skills in using Python
    Projects Seattle and Repy V2
  • Ankit Bhatia
    Master's Student
    Research Interests Networking and network security
    Projects Seattle and IPv6 support to Repy V2
  • Benson Kuang
    Master's Student
    Research Interests Cybersecurity
    Projects Reverse engineering the OnStar Module
  • Ariella C. Feuchtwanger
    Master's Student
    Research Interests Cybersecurity, security for the Internet of Things
    Projects Upgrading software security for the Internet of Things
  • Aakar Deveshkumar Jinwala
    Master's Student
    Research Interests Network security, Docker's resource isolation capability
    Projects Seattle and comparing Docker's resource isolation capabilities to Seattle
  • Shuyuan Luo
    Undergraduate Student
    Research Interests Cybersecurity
    Software/System Deployments Pluggable Authentication Module (PAM) for PolyPasswordHasher
  • Henry Zhou
    Undergraduate Student
    Research Interests Game engineering and design, digital media, philosophy and ethics of technology
  • Felix Wang
    Research Intern
    Research Interests Building secure software, protecting against unsafe software
    Publications IJERT 2016
    Software/System Deployments Continuous Build and Integration System (CBIS), allows developer code to be continuously integrated without affecting others work; Knotes,an Android application to calculate bills for people living together.
  • Zach Pomerantz
    Research Intern
    Research Interests Networks and systems
    Projects Lind
    Software/System Deployments Iron, an extensible web framework for Rust
  • Jake Iannacone
    High School Student
    Research Interests Building secure software, protecting against unsafe software
    Publications FSE 2017
  • Christopher Lo
    High School Student
    Research Interests Cybersecurity
  • Shiv Lakhanpal
    Research Interests Cybersecurity and privacy
  • Parina Kaewkrajang
    Research Interests Cybersecurity, system vulnerabilities
    Projects Lind
  • Yash Gautam
    Research Interests Cryptography, side channel attacks, compilers
    Projects Lind and Caging
  • Sachit Malik
    Research Interests Web application security, malware analysis, cyber forensics
    Projects in-toto
  • Shikhar Sakhuja
    Research Interests Exploring the relationship between data science and cybersecurity
    Projects Uptane
  • Ryan Patton
    Research Interests Cybersecurity, user-friendly tools
    Projects CrashSimulator
  • Brandon Zhu
    Research Interests Cybersecurity
  • Cynthia Xin Tong
    Research Interests Cybersecurity, software engineering
    Projects Seattle
  • Yu Zhang
    Research Interests Machine learning
  • Shikher Verma
    Research Interests Cybersecurity
    Projects in-toto