Our lab's participants range from professors with dozens of years of experience to high school students. This diversity in background and experience enables us to address real-world problems using fresh perspectives.



PhD. Students

Other Students

  • Yu Hu
    Ph.D. Student (advised by Brendan Dolan-Gavitt)
    Research Interests Side channel attacks, symbolic execution, mobile sensor application
    Publications HotMobile 2018
  • Aakar Deveshkumar Jinwala
    Master's Student
    Research Interests Network security, Docker's resource isolation capability
    Projects Seattle and comparing Docker's resource isolation capabilities to Seattle
  • Abhishek Pratap Singh
    Master's Student
    Research Interests Cybersecurity, open source, software development
    Projects securesystemslib
    Software/System Deployments While working at Red Hat, contributed to the Kubernetes container management system and is still a maintainer of the "Kompose conversion tool.
  • Archit Goyal
    Master's Student
    Research Interests Security and privacy, cryptography
    Projects CacheCash
  • Ankit Chandra
    Master's Student
    Research Interests System security, cloud security, network security
    Projects Lind
    Publications ICDCIT 2013
  • Shuyuan Luo
    Undergraduate Student
    Research Interests Cybersecurity
    Software/System Deployments Pluggable Authentication Module (PAM) for PolyPasswordHasher
  • Henry Zhou
    Undergraduate Student
    Research Interests Game engineering and design, digital media, philosophy and ethics of technology
    Publications MSR 2018
  • Christopher Lo
    High School Student
    Research Interests Cybersecurity
  • Shikhar Sakhuja
    Undergraduate Student
    Research Interests Exploring the relationship between data science and cybersecurity
    Projects Uptane
  • Brandon Zhu
    Research Interests Cybersecurity
  • Shikher Verma
    Research Interests Cybersecurity
    Projects in-toto