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Video (English): TV, Webcasts, etc.

"Malware Uses Software Updates To Spread Worldwide"
Fox 5, June 2017.

"Can big data analysis swing a political election?" Video
Fox 5, May 2017.

"WannaCry malware exploited OS weakness to spread" Video
Fox 5, May 2017.

"You really should read an app's service terms" Video
Fox 5, April 2017.

"Selling Your Online Search History"  Video
Fox 5, March 2017.

"Is Privacy Real? The CIA Is Jeopardizing America's Digital Security, Experts Warn" Video
Business Insider, March 2017.

"What Should Consumers Know About the Wikileaks Dump" 
Fox 5, March 2017.

"WikiLeaks to Help Shield Tech Firms From CIA's Hacking Tools" Video
NBC, March 2017.

"WikiLeaks publishes 1000s of CIA cyber-espionage documents"  Video
Fox 5, March 2017.

"How Uptane Can Protect Your Car From Hackers"  (coverage of UptaneVideo
Reuters (via Facebook Live), January 2017.

"Are smart devices worth the hacking risk?"  Video
Fox 5, November 2016.

"How you can stop your email from getting hacked"  Video
Fox 5, November 2016.

"Clinton email investigation intensifies"  Video
PIX-11, October 2016.

"Clinton email investigation intensifies"  Video
PIX-11, October 2016.

"Why you shouldn't confide in the Confide App" 
Fox 5, September 2016.

"Why hacking is so easy"  Video 
Fox 5, June 2016.

"Are credit cards with chips increasing online fraud?" 
Fox 5, May 2016.

"Ransomware attack takes down LA hospital for hours"  Video 
PBS Newshour, February 2016. 

"How Do Cyber Criminals Use the Darkweb?"  Video
Fox News, October 2015.

"China denies hacking of U.S. government computers" 
Fox 5, June 2015.

"The hack attack that takes your computer hostage till you pay"  Video 
PBS Newshour, April 2015. 

"How a password manager can help you stay more secure online"  Video 
CBS, August 2014. 

"Swatting"  Video 
VICE News, June 2014. 

"NYU Poly's Hacknight"  Video 
Al Jazeera America, February 2014. 

"Darknet: The anonymous underbelly of the internet"  Video 
PIX11, February 2014. 

"The NSA is Examining Call Records From World Leaders"  Video 
Al Jazeera America, October 2013. 

"Protecting Yourself Against the Miss Teen USA Hack and Why You Might Avoid Owning a Smartphone"  Video 
Al Jazeera America, September 2013. 

"The message behind the hack attack: What does the SEA want?"  Video 
Channel 11 news (PIX11), August 2013. 

"Zuckerpunched! Facebook founder gets hacked"  Video 
Channel 11 news (PIX11), August 2013. 

"The NSA has been hacking Chinese systems for years: Snowden"  Video 
Channel 11 news (PIX11), June 2013. 

"NYU Poly Hack Nights Helping To Train Whitehat Hackers"  Video 
Channel 1 news (NY1), May 2013. 
Also shown on: It Ain't Rocket Science, Episode 11, Part 2, May 2013.  Video 

"Developers defend site that lets you "fake" tweets"  Video 
Channel 11 news (PIX11), April 2013. 

"Your Smartphone Is Tracking You In Ways You've Never Imagined"  Article w/ Video 
Business Insider, April 2013. 

"App attack? Developer says his software can hijack a cockpit during flight"  Article w/ Video  Channel 11 news (PIX11), April 2013. 

"Ask Asa: Breaking Down The LinkedIn Security-Breach Situation"  Video 
CBS, June 2012. 

"Ask Asa: Text Message Scammers Pose As Friends In Need"  Article w/ Video 
CBS, June 2012. 

"CyberSecurity Awareness Week on NY Channel 1"  Video 
Channel 1 News, November 2011. 

"CyberSecurity Awareness Week featured on News 12 Brooklyn"  Video 
Channel 12 News, November 2011. 

"Improving Mobility Infrastructure Security Standards"  Video 
AT&T Tech Channel, November 2011. 

Video (Foreign): TV, Webcasts, etc.

"Why Zuckerberg covers his laptop's camera"  Video 
Russian Television International (RTVi), October 2016.

"Suicide after the publication of a sextape. In Italy, Tiziana Cantone Buried" Video 
Russian Television International (RTVi), September 2016.

"`Crackas with attitude' hacked the CIA head's e-mail" Video 
Russian Television International (RTVi), September 2016.

"Russian hackers in the United States suspected of hacking into the voter registration system" Video 
Russian Television International (RTVi), August 2016.

"A new surge of Cyberwar between Moscow and Washington" Video 
Russian Television International (RTVi), August 2016.

"Security concerns with the Apple Watch"
NHK, April 2015.

Russia Today, September 2014.

"Hacker's New Trends---Trojans in Home Appliances"  Video / Article 
NTDTV, November 2013. 

"US Congress Has Its First BitCoin Hearing: BitCoin's Value Increases"  Video / Article 
NTDTV, November 2013. 

"How Internet Filtering Works and What You Can Do About It"  Link to Tor   Link To Seattle
Nuestra Tele Noticias 24 Horas (NTN24), September 2013. 

"The Syrian Electronic Army's Latest Hack" 
Nuestra Tele Noticias 24 Horas (NTN24), August 2013. 

Audio: Radio, Podcasts, etc.

"Software Protecting Future Cars, Starting To Make Inroads" (press coverage related to Uptane) Article
Texas Public Radio, June 2017.

"Phishing, Hacks And Better Online Security" Article
NPR -- On Point, May 2017.

"Uptane on NPR's Here and Now" (press coverage related to Uptane) Article
NPR -- Here and Now, March 2017.

"The Update Framework -- Securing Your Software Updates with Justin Cappos -- Episode 99" (press coverage related to TUF, in-toto, and Uptane) Article
Podcast.__init__, March 2017.

"A Future Car May Be Protected From Hacking By Software Developed In San Antonio" (press coverage related to UptaneArticle
Texas Public Radio, January 2017.

"How Did the Russian Hacks Happen?" Article
WWL AM 870 / FM 105.3, January 2017.

"The New WhatsApp Encryption Format" Article
WBAI 99.5 NYC / Uptown Radio, April 2016.

"Beaconsfield Teens Victims of Swatting" Article
CJAD 800 AM Montreal, September 2014.

"How Target hackers hit the bullseye" Audio / Article
Minnesota Public Radio News, January 2014.

"Obamacare Interview" Audio
KFWB News Talk 980, November 2013.

Print Media: Books

"Cyber Spy Hunters! (Scientists in Action)" (bio and content on the PolyPasswordHasher project) Book
by Mari Rich
Mason Crest Publishers, 2015

Print Media: Newspapers, Magazines, Tech Journals, Blogs, etc.

"If online, beware: fraudsters proliferate" Article
The Beacon, August 2017.

"Google rolls out important update for Gmail on iOS - here's why you should download it" Article
Thai Tech, August 2017.

"Trump Hotels Hacked -- Again" Article
JetSet, August 2017.

"Hackers have been stealing credit card numbers from Trump's hotels for months" Article
The Washington Post (and dozens of other outlets), July 2017.

"Justin Cappos on Why Cars Are Not Like Computers When It Comes to Cybersecurity" Article
IEEE CyberSecurity, July 2017.

"Beware Fraudsters When You Go Online" Article
NASDAQ (and other outlets), June 2017.

"A further update on the threat situation surrounding the Petya cyber attack" Article
The Project Counsel Group, June 2017.

"Everything you need to know about the Petya, er, NotPetya nasty trashing PCs worldwide" Article
The Register, June 2017.

"Pay Up Or Lose Everything: What Madison Avenue Should Know About The WPP Ransom Hack" Article
AdAge, June 2017.

"Today's global ransomware attack weaponized software updates" Article
The Verge, June 2017.

"Three US bank chiefs fall victim to email prankster" Article
Financial Times, June 2017.

"Who's Watching You On Your Webcam" Article
Grazia, June 2017.

"WanaCrypt0r ransomware follow-up attacks likely, new variants spotted" Article
SC Media, May 2017.

"Google warns users about malicious Docs email" Article
VentureBeat, May 2017.

"'WannaCry' cyberattack: Who could be held liable for the spread of ransomware?" Article
Los Angeles Times, May 2017.

"Gmail users warned of phishing email with malicious link" Article
CBC, May 2017.

"New WanaCrypt0r variants spotted, but 'poor', version one worst over" Article
SC Media, May 2017.

"Europol teme nueva oleada de ciberataque a partir de hoy" Article
El Mercurio, May 2017.

"Cyber Security R&D Showcase Coming in July" (press coverage related to Uptane) Article
Newswise, May 2017.

"Google Docs users hit by phishing scam" Article
BBC, May 2017.

"Google Users Being Targeted With Google Doc Phishing Email" Article
Huffington Post, May 2017.

"Spam campaign targets Google users with malicious link" Article
Reuters (and dozens of others), May 2017.

"How The Update Framework Improves Security of Software Updates" (press coverage related to TUF) Article
eWeek, April 2017.

"The 42 words you can never say in emails to the D.C. government" Article
The Washington Post, March 2017.

"WikiLeaks says it will work with tech firms to defeat CIA hacking" Article
Los Angeles Times, March 2017.

"Call Issued to White Hat Hackers: Find the Flaws in New Automotive Software Updater" (press coverage related to Uptane) Article
True Viral News, March 2017.

"WikiLeaks revela el `arsenal de espionaje informatico' que habria implementado la CIA" Article
El Mercurio, March 2017.

"Mike Pence Email Hack: How the VP's private email debacle compares to Hillary Clinton's" Article
Mic, March 2017.

"Pence used personal email for state business -- and was hacked"  Article
Indianapolis Star, USA Today, and hundreds of other outlets, March 2017.

"Tandon Provides Crash Course in Computer Science"  Article
Washington Square News, February 2017.

"Automotive cyber security: Keeping hackers out of cars" (press coverage related to UptaneArticle
Lowell Sun, February 2017.

"Wanted: White hat hackers to break new automotive software updater code" (press coverage related to UptaneArticle
Tech Republic, February 2017.

"Automotive ECU Updates: Keeping the Hackers Out" (press coverage related to UptaneArticle
EE Times, January 2017.

"Uptane Will Protect Your Connected Car From Hackers" (press coverage related to UptaneArticle
Forbes, January 2017.

"Framework open source de cibersegurança para indústria automotiva é criado" (press coverage related to UptaneArticle
iMasters, January 2017.

"Automotive software developers call on hackers to find its flaws" (press coverage related to UptaneArticle
ITS International, January 2017.

"White hackers to seek errors in open-source cybersecurity framework for cars" (press coverage related to UptaneArticle
BitDefender, January 2017.

"Open source cybersecurity framework for the automotive industry" (press coverage related to UptaneArticle
HelpNetSecurity, January 2017.

"Uptane wil je 'connected car' beschermen tegen hackers" (press coverage related to UptaneArticle
Knack, January 2017.

"Call issued to white hat hackers -- find the flaws in new automotive software updater" (press coverage related to UptaneArticle
Phys.org, January 2017.

"White hat hackers called to poke holes in open source connected car security platform" (press coverage related to UptaneArticle
SC Media, January 2017.

"NYU Tandon prof unveils Homeland Security-funded framework for software security in cars" (press coverage related to UptaneArticle
Technical.ly, January 2017.

"Are software updates key to stopping criminal car hacks?" (press coverage related to UptaneArticle
Christian Science Monitor, January 2017.

"Call Issued to White Hat Hackers: Find the Flaws in New Automotive Software Updater" (press coverage related to UptaneArticle
Yahoo News, January 2017.

"WhatsApp's privacy woes show how messaging app tries to balance security and ease of use" Article
Los Angeles Times, January 2017.

"How Scared Should I Be of the Internet of Things?" Article
VICE, January 2017.

"Self-driving cars are prone to hacks -- and automakers are barely talking about it" Article
Business Insider, December 2016.

"Online banking privacy hack: Use 2 browsers to increase your security" Article
Tech.Mic, December 2016.

"How John Podesta's email got hacked, and how to not let it happen to you" Article
Vox, October 2016.

"A massive cyberattack blocked your favorite websites; FBI and Homeland Security are investigating" Article
Los Angeles Times, October 2016.

"11 Signs Your Computer Is at Risk of Being Hacked" Article
Good Housekeeping, September 2016.

"The lesson about email safety we can learn from Hillary Clinton and Colin Powell" Article
Vox, September 2016.

"Automotive Cybersecurity: Connected & Self-Driving Vehicles" (Bio and coverage of our Uptane project) Article
Online Engineering Programs Blog, September 2016.

"Hacker claims to be selling stolen NSA spy tools" Article
CNN Money, August 2016.

"The Update Framework" (about the TUF project) Article
Hacker News, August 2016.

"A Cybersecurity Expert Told Us What the DNC Hack Means for the Future of Democracy" Article
VICE, July 2016.

"We Asked a Cybersecurity Expert if Clinton's Email System Could Have Jeopardized National Security" Article
VICE, July 2016.

"Tandon Tech in Service to Society" Article
NYU Press Release, June 2016.

"Tandon Faculty Honored with Teaching Awards" (awarded the Jacobs Excellence in Education Award) Article
NYU Press Release, June 2016.

"How Scared Should I Be of Getting Hacked?" Article
VICE, May 2016.

"The Most Vulnerable Ransomware Targets Are the Institutions We Rely On Most" Article
Scientific American, March 2016.

"Apple Plans to Step Up Security as Congress Debates Encryption" Article
Scientific American, March 2016.

"Working in Tandem at Tandon" Article
NYU Press Release, January 2016.

"S&T Awards New York University $1.4M for Automotive Cyber Security Research" Article
DHS Science and Technology Blog, October 2015.

"A password hash storage scheme that prevents efficient password cracking" (about the PolyPasswordHasher project) Article
Hacker News, September 2015.

"The growing need for more women cybersleuths" (my students Ghada and Chandrika talking about the need for women in cybersecurity) Article
CNBC, August 2015.

"Docker: With Content Trust, You Can Run Containers on Untrusted Networks" (about the use of TUF in Docker) Article
The New Stack, August 2015.

"Introducing Docker Content Trust" (about integration of the TUF project into Docker) Article
Hacker News, August 2015.

"Why you should NEVER put your phone number on Facebook: Setting means anyone can find you using your digits" Article
Daily Mail, August 2015.

"Improving Hackage security" (about integration of the TUF project into Haskell) Article
Well-Typed, April 2015.

"Bomb Threats Shared Electronically Close Schools"
Associated Press, New York Times, (and hundreds of others), April 2015.

"Is it safe to check your personal email at work?" Article
New York Daily News, March 2015.

"Protecting Python package downloads" (related to the TUF project's integration into Python) Article
LWN (Linux Weekly News), January 2015.

"Interview with NYU-Poly's Professor Justin Cappos: Security Lessons from Retail Breaches" Article
Technoverse, Varonis Blog, January 2015.

"5 counterintuitive ways to protect against hackers" Article
CBS News, December 2014.

"Incremental Plans to Improve Python Packaging" (related to the TUF project's integration with Python) Article
Hacker News, December 2014.

"Merchants are wary of holiday hacking" Article
Crain's New York Business, November 2014.

"Brooklyn Produces More Brilliants" Article
NYU Engineering, October 2014.

"NSF Supports NYU WIRELESS Researchers Use of Psychology to Detect Software Vulnerabilities" Article
NYU WIRELESS Newsletter, October 2014.
Also featured on NYU's Engineering Newsletter Article, January 2015

"Docker Image Insecurity" (related to the TUF project's integration with Docker) Article
Titanous Blog, December 2014.

"Gamers use police hoax `swatting' to attack opponents" Article
The New York Post, September 2014.

"Repeating password raises hacking risk" Article
The Columbus Dispatch, August 2014.

"New Protection Scheme Makes Weak Passwords Virtually Uncrackable" (about the PolyPasswordHasher project) Article
Security Week, July 2014.
Also included on ACM TechNews and ASEE

"Diagnostic Tool Reveals Unexpected Errors In Complex Networked Applications" Article
Geeks World, May 2014.

"NYU Group Says Its Scheme Makes Cracking Individual Passwords Impossible" (about the PolyPasswordHasher project) Article
Slashdot, April 2014.

"TUF Love" (about the TUF project) Article
Linux Magazine, March 2014.

"Dropbox to open office in NYC" Article
Washington Square News, March 2014.

"Target's Woes May Be a Boon for Security Firms" Article
New York Times, January 2014.

"Target Breach Shows You Can Be a Victim of Cybercrime at a Brick-and-Mortar Store" Article
Time Magazine, December 2013.

"Hackers can't get much from the Obamacare site" Article
CNN Money, November 2013.

"NYU WIRELESS Professor Joins the Ranks of the 'Brilliant'" Article
NYU WIRELESS Newsletter, October 2013.

"Cybersecurity researcher joins the ranks of the 'brilliant'" Article
Crime Research, October 2013.

"TWC-funded study gauges bandwidth consumption of smart refrigerators, light bulbs" Article
Fierce Cable, September 2013.

"TWC Partners with NYC Media Lab to Further Technological Innovation" Article w/ Video Time Warner Cable Untangled, September 2013.

"How Justin Cappos Created A New Way To Cloud Compute" Article    Press Release
Popular Science (Brilliant 10 selection!), September 2013.

"Time Warner Cable partners with NYC Media Lab" Article   Press Release
CED Magazine, August 2013.

"Using Smartphones to Cure Diseases While You Sleep" Article
Bloomberg Businessweek, August 2013.

"Your mobile will tell a spy almost anything he wants to know about you" Article
The Sunday Times, June 2013.

"13 Security and Privacy Tips for the Truly Paranoid"  Article
Tech News Daily, May 2013.

"Startup Offers to Protect Printers, Phones, and Other Devices from Hackers"  Article 
MIT Technology Review, February 2013. 

"The dangers of too much Java"  Article 
PhysOrg, January 2013. 

"NYU WIRELESS faculty member receives four NSF grants"  Article 
NYU WIRELESS Pulse, October 2012. 

"Millions of iPhoners 'at risk'"  Article 
NY Post, September 2012. 

"Cappos Adds Computer Savvy"  Article 
Cable, July 2012. 

"How Cloud Computing & Web Services Are Changing the IT Job Market" Article
Mashable, February 2011.

"Attacks on Package Managers"  Article 
Linux Weekly News (LWN), April 2009. 

"Safely Using Package Managers"  Article 
Slashdot, July 2008.
(and many other venues including CERT)