Uptane Website 2.0: Project “Front Door” Gets a Much Needed Upgrade

2023-10-20 · Posted by: Lois Anne DeLong · Categories: Uptane · Comments

In less than a decade, the Uptane secure software update project has made a significant impact, not only on the automotive world for which it was conceived, but increasingly on other industrial sectors where updates are routinely received over the air. As the number of potential uses for Uptane has multiplied, it has become more important than ever to help users securely and efficiently find the data needed to successfully integrate the framework into their operations. Uptane’s website has a critical role to play in providing this data but, unfortunately, in its initial incarnation, it was not particularly easy to navigate.

On October 16, 2023, the Uptane community released Version 2.0 of its website, which addresses many of the limitations of the previous site. The new version features a cleaner and more contemporary design, and a more user-friendly architecture. Links to important documents, such as the most recent incarnation of the Uptane Standard for Design and Implementation, can be accessed directly from the home page, as can a one-page list of steps for implementing the framework. The new website also provides a blogging spot to provide a public forum for issues critical to the advancement of the technology.

Credit for the new site is largely due to the efforts of Abhijay Jain, a student at Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University in Delhi, India, who took on the site reconstruction as his project for the 2023 Google Summer of Code. Among the innovations Jain brought to the project was utilizing Docusaurus to construct the site as opposed to using the existing Jekyll framework.

To ensure the community had sufficient input into the revision project, a number of its members worked with Jain over the summer. In addition to the “mentors of record,” Lois Anne DeLong of New York University and Philip Lapczynski of Renesas, Jain worked with Jon Oster of Toradex, and Uptane Steering Committee members Ira McDonald of High North and Dr. Justin Cappos of NYU Tandon.

The Uptane community welcomes feedback on the new design. Feel free to send suggestionsto uptane-standards@googlegroups.com.