in-toto and TUF in the new Kubernetes Security Book

2018-10-08 · Posted by: Santiago Torres-Arias · Categories: in-toto · Comments

The potential role TUF and in-toto can play in container security has been spotlighted in a new ebook from O’Reilly Media. “Operating Kubernetes Clusters and Applications Safely,” written by Liz Rice of Aqua Security and Michael Hausenblas of Red Hat, addresses how to operate Kubernetes clusters and generate container images securely. In describing this secure cloud-native ecosystem process, the authors acknowledge the way tools like in-toto and TUF are poised to strengthen cloud-native pipelines and container image deliveries.

The book can be downloaded free of charge from the aqua security website simply by registering. It’s a very good read for people interested in securing their Kubernetes deployments.