Coming Attractions. PPH and CrashSimulator at the Expo, April 21

2017-04-17 · Posted by: Lois Anne DeLong · Categories: PolyPasswordHasher and CrashSimulator · Comments

The Research Expo at the NYU Tandon School of Engineering is a showcase where students and faculty alike can share their current research activities with the greater academic community, and with the general public. The event is held outdoors and is designed to be interactive and enjoyable for people from all levels of scientific and technological expertise.

This year the Expo will be held on April 21 from 1 to 4:00 p.m. Among the 60-plus exhibits—featuring work drawn from every academic department at the school—will be presentations on two sprouting projects from the Secure Systems Lab. Undergraduate researcher Shuyuan Luo and Ph.D. candidate Santiago Torres-Arias will present their ongoing work on PolyPasswordHasher (PPH), a secure password storage system. In addition to a basic introduction to PPH, they will be spotlighting their work on PAM(Pluggable Authentication Module). Developed last summer, and already widely used in both Linux and OS X systems, PAM offers operating systems a simple way to “plug in” to the enhanced security benefits of PPH, without requiring any extensive modifications.

The other SSL representative presenting at the Expo will be second year Ph.D. student Preston Moore, who will be sharing his work on CrashSimulator. This tool replicates “real-world” testing for new and upgraded software without the complications of “real-world” deployment.

The Expo is free, but attendees are asked to register. A full list of exhibitors is available at the event web page.