Why Does Our Lab Need A Blog?

2017-03-20 · Posted by: Justin Cappos · Categories: Informational · Comments

Ideas do not always come in conference paper-sized chunks. Sometimes they are too small to fill a paper. Other times they find themselves cut loose from a paper that did not have enough pages to discuss everything. And, in other instances, the ideas may be too specialized, practical, or speculative to be of interest to academics.

This blog provides a home for ideas like the ones described above. It offers a less formal vehicle for those of us in the Secure Systems Lab to share more of our ideas with the world. These ideas could become the seeds for new research paths. More likely, they will help us fulfill our core goal of solving problems in practice, by presenting a platform for us to discuss our success, failures, and findings in transitioning our research into practical use.

So, this blog, which will feature new posts about once a week, will talk about topics like:

  1. How we are helping a project to mature
  2. Why a project had a setback and what we learned from that problem
  3. What we are ready to share about a new project
  4. What we think about pressing technological issues

We hope you enjoy reading our blog and welcome your comments!

Justin Cappos (on behalf of the Secure Systems Lab)